“Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and as sweet as love”,
a famous Turkish proverb
We aspire to live up to this motto each day by offering you freshly crewed coffee made from organic hand-picked Balinese coffee beans.  montage coffee2

My wife Kayo and I started “COFFEE 5 CUPS” café and bistro because we have always been passionate about coffee especially the stories behind the bean. This is our first business venture and we really want to share good aromatic coffee; simple but tasty and fresh food; and exciting stories of coffee with others. We had always believed that behind every bean is a whole community of ordinary people who have worked hard to bring the good cuppa to our table.   plantingOur coffee beans are organic, handpicked and sent directly from the hilly communities of Bali Indonesia. It means no chemicals are involved in the growing, production and roasting of the beans. Because the beans are handpicked it means only the ripe red beans are selected by the farmers so that roasting is even and will not spoil the rich aromatic taste of the coffee.

jh front cafe4

Our coffee prices are definitely affordable considering that organic coffee is usually about 2 times the price of ordinary coffee. We are able to maintain lower prices because we get the beans directly from the farmers and most important of all adhering to the principles of “fair trade”. This means cutting off the middle traders and giving a fairer price to the farmers.

I have been a community organizer and social activist for the past 32 years and have traveled all over Asia working with farming, fishing and urban poor communities. In my years of travels, I have become close to many coffee communities & organisations in different parts of Indonesia, Timor Leste, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

kayo grinder5

My wife Kayo is a Japanese Ainu indigenous person from the cold Northern island of Hokkaido. She has been an advocate of Ainu tradition and culture all her life and also shares the passion of coffee with me.

Opening Coffee 5 cups is like a culmination of my life work with community organizing expressed in the form of a social enterprise which generates income and at the same time symbolizes the way business can be done in a healthy and people-oriented manner.

Our Café will also provide an “OPEN SPACE” for people to share stories, knowledge and experiences with each other. This space is intended for groups to hold small social & formal activities such as book launching, poetry reading, small workshops, meetings, small forums, and even performances. The open space concept is to remind people the importance of personal and direct human interaction in this fast-paced digital world we live in today.

the sky view6

We have a fantastic open patio with a view of the small hilly forest and the breath-taking sight of the King’s new palace. You can spend your morning, afternoon or evening sitting there, reading, reflecting or just chatting with a friend while sipping on our freshly brewed aromatic and organic coffee and eating our freshly prepared meals, snack, cakes and pastries.

Besides good coffee, we both love good food especially prepared from fresh ingredients and prepared by people who enjoys cooking and sharing good food with others. In our café, we want to promote and share this concept and feeling about coffee and food with you.

security guard     4 drinkngA

Come try our mouth watering cream sauce pasta served with a generous slice of butter pan-seared salmon; or our grilled chicken teriyaki open sandwich; or fresh Japanese nori-seaweed, tofu salad with home made sesame dressing; or Japanese croquet or mash potato or pumpkin with meat filling fried in crispy golden brown panko flour and your choice of home baked cakes, pastries, pies and cookies.


The name “Coffee 5 Cups” was immediately chosen by us because some researchers claim that 5 cups of coffee is the limit for an average person to consume in a day. However many coffee lovers and other experts claim that humans can drink more than that if the beans are properly cultivated, roasted and brewed.

The furry and rather “overweight” bear in our logo is our café’s mascot. It is the Hokkaido Bear, considered a sacred animal amongst the Ainu indigenous people. My wife would share stories that during the summer season, bears would sometimes roam the parks or go near homes and would eat up any food they can get their hands on, including the hot tea or coffee they find along the way. So that’s why we decided that Coffee 5 cups would adopt the Hokkaido bear as its mascot!

Be adventurous, come relax and have an adventurous time in our café, taste the coffee and food, relax in our open space and enjoy the view while getting your shot of expresso, cappuccino, latte, Americano and long black! For the more adventurous coffee drinkers, you might want to take a sip of the world’s most expensive coffee, Luwak coffee, ironically made from beans which come out from the back of the civet cat!

We invite you to join us for an exciting and fun coffee discovery at COFFEE 5 CUPS!


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