COFFEE – All coffee beans are community grown, handpicked & certified organic. Speak with our resident barrista to tell her how you’d like your coffee and she can recommend something to suit your taste.


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  • Peaberry  – A pea shaped coffee bean with a rich and smooth flavor and an intense aroma. For people who likes a full bodied and heavy coffee. * Highly recommended
  • Arabica A very light bodied, slightly exotic sweet coffee with floral nuances. For people who enjoy a lighter coffee rich and delicate, with good acidity.
  • Robusta – A full bodied coffee with mixture of natural floral & nutty flavors. For people who need a boost of energy in the morning
  • Espresso – single & double shot
  • Hot & Iced Cappuccino must try
  • Hot & Iced Cafe Latte – must try
  • *Luwak 100% OR *Luwak blend (TBC)
  • Homemade iced lemon tea – Homemade, cool, refreshing sweet ice tea with slices of lemon.
  • Homemade iced ginger ale – Freshly made ice cold ginger ale with a refreshing fizz and strong but pleasant ginger taste.
  • Iced Mugicha – Roasted barley tea served ice cold, the flavour of summer in Japan
  • Japanese tea – Special genmaicha tea served in a pot
  • English tea – Black tea or peach & passion fruit


We are proud to share some of our home made food to go along with a great cup of organic coffee. Featuring several favorite snacks from Hokkaido, our selection of pastas, sandwiches, wraps and selected cakes are wholesome, full of healthy goodness and uniquely made to order by a couple who truly are passionate about food!  You may never know what treat you may get as we aim to keep our selection fresh. Think of it like going into your mum’s kitchen to be pleasantly surprised by a sweet or savory bite. Come and stop by to grab a hearty meal or even a yummy snack to go with your cuppa coffee today!

Featuring some of our favorite co-stars of Coffee5Cups.

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  • Smoked salmon open sandwich – Smoked salmon open sandwich with melted cheese and mayo, and a slice of tomato
  • Hokkaido croquettes – Potato chicken and pumpkin cheese croquette, a popular Hokkaido snack in Japan
  • Beef potato pie – Home made sizzling mince beef and mash potato pie
  • Meatball tomato sauce pasta – Sweet and sour tomato sauce pasta with home made beef balls filled with melted cheese.
  • Chicken Teriyaki open sandwich
  • Grilled cheese open sandwich
  • Salmon/ Grilled chicken wrap
  • Smoked salmon platter – Smoked salmon, cheddar cheese, cucumber & crackers
  • Wakame salad – Japanese Wakame seaweed salad, tofu, lettuce, cherry tomoatoes and japanese cucumber topped with katsubushi bonito flakes with fresh home made sesame dressing
  • Fresh garden salad


What better way to enjoy your coffee with a piece of freshly baked cake & irresistible pastry. Do take a look at our display to place your order.

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  • Scones with jam – Delicious soft buttery hot scones with raisins a snack for breakfast, and definitely a must for coffee breaks
  • Carrot cake Moist carrot cake with raisin, cashew nuts & topped with home-made cream cheese topping.
  • Double chocolate chip soft cookies
  • Pumpkin syrup cake – Moist pumpkin cake with delicious syrup, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream
  • Sour cream and cinnamon cake – Home made sour cream cake with a hint of cinnamon flavor, served with a dash of whipped cream, great with coffee
  • Banana chocolate cake – Rich and moist chocolate cake with bananas, raisins and nuts


For a full list with prices, please click menu final edited


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